It may become necessary for you to contact the Amsterdam Police Tourism poll Amsterdam

As the saying goes, "shit happens" and you need to call the cops. The Amsterdamm police has two numbers available, one in case of an emergency, and the other for regular stuff, like, to report something stolen, if you want to get money back from an insurance company they often demand that you've reported your loss to the local police. The same goes if you've lost your passport.
European Emergency service number

In an emergency you should phone 112.

Police, Fire department or Ambulance

The emergency service is for use when an immediate response is required. You should use this service to contact police in situations where a crime is happening now or if anyone is in immediate danger. 1-1-2 is the single emergency telephone number for the European Union. European citizens in distress situations should be able to call the 1-1-2 and get through to the emergency services in all Member States. Thus, anyone travelling within the Union has to remember only one number and this guarantees a quicker and more efficient intervention.

In case of theft or loss or any other "none" emergency occasion, call the general number: 0900-8844. If you call from abroad, dial 003120 559 8844.

Amsterdam's Amstelland police force English website


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